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Dr. Thomas Tao founded StannTron, Inc. in 2012  and serves as president. Dr. Tao was the founder and served at various capabilities included president, CEO and CTO from 1998 to 2012 at CellTech Power, a solid oxide fuel cell developer. Dr. Tao worked also in chemical industry making specialty chemicals and plastic additives. Dr. Tao received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Brown University, and worked as a post-doctor at MIT. 

Dr. Paul Osenar, a shareholder and advisory board member, is President and Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Protonex since 2000.

Mr. Ray Ritter, a shareholder and advisory member, was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of McClellan Automation Systems and the President of Cambridge NanoTech.

Mr. Wally Creek, a shareholder and advisory member, is former GM Corporate Controller.

Dr. Robert Mantz, a shareholder and advisory member, is program manager at US Army Research Office. 

Mr. Inder Mathur, a shareholder and advisory member, is former president and Chief Executive Officer of Western Sugar Cooperative.

Mr. David Lentini,, a shareholder and advisory board member, is a patent attorney.

Contact info: 
StannTron, Inc., Hopkinton, MA 01748

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